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Crores at stake in Karnataka

The ATMs of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarpradesh dont have cash. The simple reason being that the money from these states is in circulation in Karnataka. Yes for the elections. There is already a rumour that Chandrababu has sent in a lot of money for Congress here to see that the BJP is defeated.

 Crores at stake in Karnataka

In this fashion, the respective leaders from these states are pumping in money for three main political parties. The surprise element is that JDS is also being financed from other states.

One wants BJP, the other does not want BJP. Leaders in Telangana are of the opinion that the Congress should not win Karnataka. Of Siddaramaia wins then he will finance the Congress in Telangana. So the TRS leaders here do not want Congress to win.

 Crores at stake in Karnataka

MIM wants JDS to be the kingmaker. He suggests that Gowda must take the CM post by winning the elections.
There are rumours that his election is the costliest one in a state. Thousands of crores are being spent by both the Congress and the BJP. The stakes are very high. 50 BJP leaders are campaigning in Karnataka on the last day.
The tide of turning for the BJP now it is reported. Chanakya an agency owned by Lagadapati Rajagopal of Congress predicted a clear majority for the BJP. He was right all the time and his agency never failed.

Once the elections are over and the results are out, then the cash keeps moving and would be in circulation in these states. Just for some time.



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