Corruption at Lords’ feet

The TTD is getting involved in corruption from time to time. We can say that here only money speaks. Whoever has money can manage anything here.  Managing the darshan of Lord Balaji in the sanctum sanctorium is a regular phenomenon and here corruption exists to the core. There is no denying about this and no one can stop this.

But now it has come down to the level of Lords feet carved in stone at the Alipiri that at the steps way entrance. The temple authorities have closed the Lords feet with a glass case and they are not allowing the ordinary pilgrims on the walk who were earlier used to touching them with hands and taking the tilakam or bottu from them.

Corruption at Lords' feet
Now only VVIP walkers for darshan are being allowed by the TTD authorities to touch the feet of the lord here at the entrance. This is nothing but exploiting the feet of the lord for personal gains and corruption.

Its time that they remove the glass case and allow all of them to touch the feet of Lord, as there is nothing to lose as such. Please dont exploit the feet of the lord.






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