Coriander for beauty

Freshly ground coriander in combination with aloe-vera can be applied on the skin. This helps delay the onset of wrinkles and reduce fine lines.

A combination of ground coriander with some lemon juice, when applied to the affected area, can do wonders for acne and blackheads.

Coriander for beauty

Coriander enables the dead cells to be removed and leads to a rejuvenated skin.

Grind the coriander, add milk, add honey and lemon juice and apply on the face. This face pack will leave you with glowing skin.

A combination of ground rice and yoghurt relaxes facial muscles and cells and leaves you refreshed. Make a mixture of it and apply it like a mask.

Coriander for beauty

When your skin fails to show a positive response, we know how frustrating it can get.

The least you can do is seek comfort in the confines of your kitchen and grab a handful of coriander! You can thank us later.



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