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Congress to support JDS- Yeddy meets Governor

Congress party has decided to support JDS and stake claim to form the Government here in Karnataka. But the single largest party in the Karnataka is BJP. The Governor is entitled to invite the BJP first. Congress leader Siddharamaiah and others have decided to meet the Governor this evening to stake a claim for forming the Government.

It is reported that Sonia Gandhi the Congress leader has suggested doing everything that would stop the BJP from coming to power. Since there is no pre-poll alliance between the Congress and the JDs, the BJP is bound to be invited by the Governor as per the constitutional obligation. The BJP as of now is having 104 seats it requires another 8 to form the government on its own.

Congress to support JDS-Governor to invite BJP

The BJP is also planning to meet the Governor around 5.30 pm. The BJP will get time for proving the majority.

But the Congress has left the decision on the CMs pos to the JDS. This makes all the difference to JDS and it could become a Kingmaker.

The BJP will also leave no stone unturned and see that they come to power. There are a lot of possibilities and the some JDS MLAs might join the BJP. There is a chance for some horse trading here in Karnataka. Rahul said that the JDs is the B team of BJP and now they are aligning with the Congress to stake the claim for power.



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