Congress stoops low to conquer

It is unfortunate that there is no Congress member in the house while the Budget session is going on.

The unruly behaviour of the Congress members is the reason behind this. One cannot blame the ruling TRS as they had no other option but to send the Congress members out of the Assembly.

CM KCR said that it was very hard decision to expel the 2 Congress members but discipline has to ensured otherwise it will become a bad precedent. If Governor Narasimhan has been injured then it would have become the worst incident.

The Congress is in a bad shape across the Nation and the BJP is in power in more than 20 states. There is no Congress in AP and the people more or less are rejecting the Congress in Telangana also.

With this kind of scenario, the Congress members must try to be a constructive opposition, rather than becoming a destructive force earning the wrath of the people and also the leaders in the house.

Climbing the seats and shouting against the Governor and Government was uncalled for. There are many ways to send the protest and anger to the people.

But the Congress is stooping low to conquer which is not the correct strategy.

u srinivas








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