Congress the real culprit blames KCR

Congress party is the culprit behind the backwardness of Telangana said CM K Chandrasekhar Rao. He was talking in Assembly for the Budget session. The Congress merged the AP under Jawahar Lal Nehru in connivance with the local congress he explained.

Several Congress leaders have started Telangana forums but could not achieve anything. But all of them lost track he said. For everything, they depended on Delhi command he stated. The Congress never changed so far and the incident in the Assembly reflects the same he pointed out.

Congress the real culprit blames KCR

Since 1956 the Congress party has been spoiling the state of Telangana and never contributed any development he said. The self-respect was compromised by these Congress leaders he opined.

Telangana was spoiled from time to time in terms of irrigation projects because of lopsided and selfish views of the Congress leaders he condemned. Now under the TRS, we are using Singoor water for irrigation and this is history KCR said.



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