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Congress petitions VP Venkaiah and CJI

The Congress party has filed a writ in the Supreme court against the verdict of the Vice-president Venkaiah who said that there were no grounds to impeach the CJI. Earlier some political parties have filed a petition with the VP Venkaiah to impeach the Chief Justice of India. But Venkaiha brushed aside the petition saying that the petition itself was wrong and that there no proper grounds for his impeachment.

Now the Congress challenges that none of the reasons given by Venkaiah was legal and that they will not stand in the court of law. But Venkaiah stated that he has consulted all the legal, luminaries before giving the decision. He stood his ground saying that he was perfectly right and that it was legal.

The Congress MP who filed against Venkatesh decision opined that the VP first should have enquired on the allegations against the CJI and not allowing the petition was wrong.

Congress petitions VP Venkaiah and CJI

Venkaiah earlier just dismissed the petition of the Congress in three days, the Government will not weaken the Judiciary one of the pillars of democracy with baseless allegations of the political parties which have no ground of what so ever.

The main allegation made by the Congress was that the CJI was not assigning the cases to the judges or the benches judiciously.

But Venkaiah who consulted the legal luminaries suggested him that the there were no grounds for impeachment and that the allegations made were flimsy.



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