Congress makes a self-goal

The Congress leaders made a self-goal by making a statement in the Assembly that they wanted to hit Governor Narasimhan and not Swamy Goud the Chairman of the Legislative Council.

Taking the decision to hit Governor itself was a bad decision and unwarranted and uncalled for. Now they made a statement that they wanted to hit Governor Narsimhan and they aimed at Governor and the target went to Goud.
 Congress makes a self-goal
They confirmed the same in the Assembly. They cannot escape from the bad deed that they have executed wantonly and it is like hitting below the belt. They must honour the speech of the Governor and respect him.

At the same time now they blamed that Swamy Goud was doing a drama which is derogatory to the decorum of the house. There is no way that the Congress can escape. It looked as if they wanted to escape from his session and the Congress was not interested in participating in the discussion.

The last two sessions were conducted in a better manner while this Budget session has become a blot on the Government with the unruly behaviour of the Congress members.

CM KCR, on the other hand, said that if the Government has done any mistake the people will punish it in the election.



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