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Congress gaining the ground

The Congress party under Rahul Gandhi is steadily gaining the lost ground in the majority of the states. As announced earlier Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are ready to give up the PM post for defeating the BJP in the next elections. The statement made by Rahul in Karnataka saying that PM Modi will not win his Varanasi shows the confidence.

It looks like Sharad Pawar could be projected as the combined candidate from the Opposition for the post of Prime Minister. Actor Nana Patekar indirectly announced that he likes Sharad to be the PM of the country. So leaders from the Telugu states may not be in a position to form a new front leaving the Congress aside.

Congress gaining the ground

In this context, K Chandrasekhar Rao must make a loud thinking if he should go to the centre or set the things perfectly right in the state. He must hold back his horses for some time to test the waters properly before taking a plunge into the National politics. Majority of the parties are looking to Congress for the support and that means a lot. One cannot go forward leaving Congress aside to win the BJP in the coming polls.

There is a talk of early polls also where more than 100 MPs from the opposition would resign and force BJP to conduct elections. This will put BJP to test in the coming elections.

Modi -Shah Jodi now cannot take the people for granted. Leaders like Maya and Mamatha want elections with a ballot paper. They alleged that the EVMs were being manipulated in the end to show a BJP victory. There will be a front at a National level against the BJP and with the Congress. A front against BJP and Congress is not possible at this point in time.



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