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Congress for ease of doing murders

Prime Minister Modi who is on whirlwind tour lashed out at the Congress party in Karnataka said that while the NDA is striving for ease of doing business, the Congress here is working for the ease of doing murders. There is no development and no law and order in Karnataka he said.

The Prime Minister was confident that the people have decided to trounce the Congress and give a chance to the BJP. He also tried to woo the senior leader Deve Gowda openly. He said when Gowdaji comes to Delhi, I always give him time – I hear him and try to look into the matter Modi said. But Rahul has no respect for Gowdaji and his language is not right Modi pointed out.

Congress for ease of doing murders

This is a clear-cut message to Gowda that the BJP wants the support of JDS again and Modi is asking for it.

The crowd in Udupi urged with cheer to listen to PM Modi’s speech uninterrupted in Hindi, without translation in Kannada. Language is clearly no barrier when it comes to people’s love and affection for their leader Shri @narendramodi. #NammaModi .

Congress for ease of doing murders

Rahul’s disrespect to Gowdaji is not acceptable he pointed out. There could be differences on a political basis. But there should no difference on the personal basis and one must have respect for each other Modi pointed out. The Congress here is shielding the San mafia and there is lot corruption and looting here Modi pointed out. The looters must go home he said and was confident that the people will send the Congress home this time.

He has come to a conclusion that the zeal and enthusiasm being exhibited by the people here shows that they have come to conclusion to trounce the Congress, Modi said.



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