Congress- BJP struggling for Dalit votes.. Political Top Stories 

Congress- BJP struggling for Dalit votes..

Both the Congress and the BJP are fighting for the votes of Dalits. Congress leader and CM Siddha Ramaiah said that the packed dinner diplomacy will not work with the Dalits. One must empathise and socialise with them make them self-reliant and not dine with them in five-star fashion with packed lunch and dinner packets he chided at the BJP.

 Congress- BJP struggling for Dalit votes..

The Dalits will decide the fate of BJP and Congress as they are strong in 63 seats in Karnataka and that the reason both parties are fighting for the sake of Dalit votes.

Prime Minister Modi who is also extensively campaigning with Karnataka said that the Congress has no dil for Dalits and that they just bothered about deals meaning business. They don’t have a real heart for the welfare of the Dalits the PM chided at the Congress leaders.

 Congress- BJP struggling for Dalit votes..

Both the parties are campaigning against each other and chiding at each other and finally, they say no one is doing any welfare for the Dalits. The PM Modi has instructed his party leaders and men to go to the Dalits stay with them, socialise with them and empathise will them. But most of the time the program boomeranged as they went to them with packed food and water bottles. One of the women leaders said that they were suffering from mosquito bites when they are staying with them during the nights.

Earlier even Rahul Gandhi faced this kind of criticism when he had food with the Dalits. But leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi had the same food that was cooked by Dalits in their huts. That is the difference.
We can say that both the Congress and the BJP failed in satisfying them to get the votes.



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