CM Gowda and Rajini differ on Kaala

Kumara Swamy Gowda the CM of Karnataka opined that this was not the right time for the release of Kaala in his state. But he, however, said that the Government would implement the court directions. The court has said that it would not come in the way of the release of Kaala. On the other hand Rajinikanth the hero has appealed to the CM to give protection at the cinema theatres for Kaala.

rajini kaala

Kumara Swamy Gowda opined that it may not be of much use to the producers to release the movie as the people are opposed to it. As a producer and distributor, he knows the situation very well. The statement made by Rajinikanth on Cauvery waters has raked up the issue and the Karnataka people are against the release of the movie. They are all set to release of the movie in Karnataka.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce is also against the release of the movie. Meanwhile, Dhanush the producer of the movie is all set for the release of the movie on June 7nth as scheduled. Rajini said that it has political scenes, but not an outright political movie. Rajini added that if don’t release the movie in Karnataka it would highlight the issue of Cauvery waters in particular.



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