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Chopper lands for a burger

People thought it was an emergency. But the buy landed the chopper for a burger.

When hunger strikes, what better way to satiate it than with some fast food? That’s clearly what one hungry helicopter pilot in Sydney, Australia thought to himself. Extraordinary cellphone footage shows a man walking away from a McDonald’s towards a helicopter with a brown takeaway bag from the fast-food chain and take off.

Residents near a Sydney McDonald’s were left stunned after they saw a helicopter pilot land his chopper on a lawn and get out to go get himself some fast food. A video, filmed by someone at the scene and sent to the news channel, shows a man wearing a cap leave the McDonald’s. He briefly stops to take a picture of his helicopter, gets into it and flies away.

A spokesperson from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority tells that the landing was not technically illegal – if the pilot had permission from the owner of the land.

“Was it unusual? Yes. Was it unsafe? We’re not in a position to say until we’ve looked at the footage,” says Peter Gibson. While officials have not confirmed who the pilot is, speaking on a popular Australian radio, a man claiming to be the pilot said he had permission to land at the premises.

“Every now and then we do that sort of stuff,” said the man, who identified himself as “Dan.”

According to Australian media reports, the safety of the pilot’s landing and take-off is under investigation and cellphone footage of the bizarre incident is being reviewed.



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