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Chiru wants a house in Visakha

Megastar Chiranjeevi is craving to have a house in Visakhapatnam. Earlier when he came for a movie launch function he said that if the Government gives some land he would construct a house after his retirement.

We do not know if there is any retirement for the movie stars but towards his end, he wants to be in Visakhapatnam. For the second time during the launch of his son’s movie Rangasthalam. This movie will raise the star status he said.

 Chiru wants a house in Visakha

But the end he could not contain himself from praising his son and the revealed an interesting plot of the movie to the utter dismay of the director Sukumar. He revealed that Charans movie was super when Aadi dies in the movie.

This should not be done, but the megastar could not contain himself. He could sustain the movie till the end with the local politics at the village level.

It has to be seen how fans will take it to the logical end. Charan acted as a deaf person in the movie. He praised the direction of Sukumar.



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