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Where is Chiru- Charan and Suresh

Many ladies who are doing characters and as extra artists have alleged that one man Vaakada Appparao was using them and molesting them on the bed for giving roles and remuneration. They demanded that Chiranjeevi and Charan must drop Vaakada as he was abusing women and young girls. He was seeking sexual favours and he did the same during Chiranjeevi 150 movie and saved some money for Charan.

Where is Chiru- Charan and Suresh

In the same fashion, Abhiram used Srireddy but Suresh Daggubati who considers himself as a big man in Tollywood with studios and other infrastructure is yet to react over the allegations made on his son. Some ladies said that DilRaju must go out of the industry. Some others blamed the Baahubali unit and casting in-charges.

The NHRC sought a report from the Telangana Government. But there is no response or reaction from Mega family members so far. Pawan Kalyan the so-called hero and the chief of Jana Sena party said that ladies must go to court and he as a person cannot do anything. If you cannot give some protection to ladies or drop a culprit what kind of leadership will you give to the state is the question.

Where is Chiru- Charan and Suresh

This is ridiculous all that the ladies wanted was to drop Vaakada and never give him any project or involve him any of the projects any further. Do we need a court to decide this? pawan-Charan and Chiranjeevi can just drop Vaakadu like a hot potato from the industry. Dil Raju and Suresh along with MAA can ban him from the industry as hundreds of ladies are making allegations against Vaakada. There need not be any proofs for this.

 Where is Chiru- Charan and Suresh

The allegations are more than enough. Vaakada is an exploiter he has been paying the ladies just Rs 1000 and taking away the other Rs 2000 as his commission. This is nothing but exploitation. The MAA must take the responsibility of paying the artists in future in case there is any exploitation.

Suresh must tell the public as to what is the truth about his son. If you keep quiet people think Srireddy version is true. This is very unfortunate that the ladies in the industry are sexually exploited and the heroes just keep quiet and don’t bother to protect them.

Chiranjeevi-Chittibabu and Suresh babu along with Pawan Kalyan must take up the responsibility for cleansing the system.

Where is Chiru- Charan and Suresh




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