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Chiranjeevi praises Mahesh and BAN

Very few people know that Chiranjeevi Megastar has seen Bharat Ane Nenu along with the family members on the very first day. He was first excited about the Rangashtalam which was a blockbuster of this year and his son Charan has done exceedingly well and blossomed into a big hero. While the saga continues, now Mahesh has given another blockbuster this year to the Tollywood and this movie is different with a fresh and new theme.

Danayya the producer who was with Chiranjeevi during the screening was overwhelmed that Chiranjeevi openly praised the director, producer and also the hero.The box office is ringing with collections and it is growing by the day.

Mahesh has no limits to his happiness that he is back on the track after some flops and he openly kissed his wife and posted on the web which is going viral.

Chiranjeevi praises Mahesh and BAN

BAN is a different movie where NTR attended the launch function, Charan joined the party later and three heroes coming together for the promotion of Koratalas movie is something great and unheard in Tollywood. This new trend will go a long way with heroes together promoting each other movies.

Mahesh said that on an average a hero gets to do one movie a year and that fans of other stars will also get to watch that movie. A single hero cannot give you movies around the year. So fans also must come together and promote the movies of all the heroes he opined.

BAN gives a strength to the Tollywood along with Rangasthalam when it reeling under the trouble of casting couch and exploitation allegations from the lady artists. Now it has stabilised to some extent.



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