Is Chiranjeevi the mega hero not well?

There are rumours in Tollywood that Chiranjeevi is not well. In a recent function of his relative people have identified that his face was looking different and he was tired. Chiranjeevi was a jumping jack in the industry and now he is 62. He is on diet and Yoga but people close to him say that he is getting tired.

Chiranjeevi is now on a mega project Syraa Narasimha Reddy and it is taking up most of his time. People observing him a shooting spot said that his energy levels have come down and he is doing just one or two scenes a day.


He was a dancing sensation like Jeetendra but has mellowed down after joining politics. Failed in politics and raised again in the movies with his 150th. Age is catching up and he will not be able to do double duty kind of shooting all the days. He needs a good amount of rest.

His brand value is intact in movies, but age is catching up. The same has to be taken into consideration. Charan and other family members have advised him to slow down. But Chiru is a man who has done shootings with fever. He was able to withstand long hours of shooting earlier, but not these days.

But for the sake of fans, he has to keep himself fit and he should keep shooting for his lifetime.



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