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China me chai pe charcha

The bond between China and India seems to be growing. Prime Minister Modi and President Xi Jinping today met in open and had tea in the traditional form. This chai per charcha in China is new and is viral on the web and social media.

The two leaders had a free walk by the lake over tea and had a freewheeling discussion. The looked very relaxed during the walk and were busy in the animated discussions.

China me chai pe charcha

It is reported that both the countries now want a better bonding and they want to develop friendship among the people. A series of photos of the two leaders were tweeted by the MEA officials. One can say that a new chapter of friendship has started between the two countries and the heads of the countries.

The two leaders yesterday enjoyed a cultural evening with Bollywood songs.They are happy with the outcome and wanted the bonding to be everlasting.



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