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Does Charan dominate Chiranjeevi?

Yes, it looks like Cherry boy the son of Chiranjeevi is dominating the megastar. The other day Big B Amitabachchan was in Hyderabad for the shooting of Syra Narsimhareddy, but there was no Hungama at all. Neither Amitabh nor Chiranjeevi got any mileage out of this either in Bollywood or Hollywood.

It passed off like any other shooting. The reason being that Rangashalam of Cherry boy is doing extremely well and the media is busy with all those items.

If Rangasthalam made the difference in Tollywood what about Bollywood, the presence of Big did not make much of a difference for the movie it is reported. The movie is being made in 4 languages and stars from these areas are picked up and are used in the movie to create interest in the markets.

Does Charan dominate Chiranjeevi?

But the result is that it did not make any impact in other languages so far. Chiranjeevi must pick up the right people for distribution in other languages. Karan Johar would be the right man for Bollywood. Cherry must get hold of Rana for this as Rana is a good friend of Karan Johar. Similarly, the timing should be right for making the Buzz otherwise it will become a dud.

The market strategy is very important and the timing is also important. Big stars will not make everything. These days good stories like Arjun Reddy are attracting like anything and a good story is better than a big star.

Chiranjeevi knows all this and he might definitely make it a big hit in the end. After all, it is the home production. All said and done Chiru is happy is that his son is dominating the scene in Tollywood as he did earlier.



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