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Charan- Boyapti and postponement

The shooting of the new movie being shot by Boyapati Srinivas for Ram Charan is getting cancelled and postponed from time to time. The movie was planned and Kaira Advani is the leading lady. It is not for the first time, but three times the shooting got cancelled and the schedule also got postponed and the sole reason was Ramcharan saying that he was not in a good mood.

Charan- Boyapti and postponement

The same happened with Rangasthlam also and it almost took two years for Sukumar the director to make a start and release the movie. But finally, it became a super duper hit and established Charan as a good actor. But he is yet to keep the promise. He is unable to come to the set as promised for Boyapati. Getting the shoot postponed for 3 times is not right.

There is a rumour that Charan is trying to correct the story, change the story and also bring in new changes and direction in the execution which would take some time to restart the whole thing.

Charan- Boyapti and postponement

Boyapati has to redo the story and change execution of some scenes and this will take some time. Some unitwalas say that the director and hero are unable to gel well. When Boyapati did a movie with bunny it was executed very well and the result was a box office Bonanza.

But the director Boyapati is doing things with all restraint and the movie will be done as expected. This director is one who will compromise on remuneration but not on the making of the movie.



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