Chandrababu’s secret pact with Cong-100 MPs to resign? Political Specials Top Stories 

Chandrababu’s secret pact with Cong-100 MPs to resign?

There are reports reaching the PMO that AP CM Chandrababu has agreed to align with the Congress to trounce Modi and NDA. Babu wants to prove that anyone in the country cannot take him so easily. He wants to be a kingmaker again like earlier times. He wants to force immediate elections on Modi Government.

Now that the YSRC MPS have resigned for the special status, in future the TDP MPs may resign expressing their displeasure on the partisan attitude of Modi. In the next 3 months time, most of the political parties will make their MPs resign for various demands that Modi is not fulfilling since last 4 years. Babu said that Modi has ignored the state of AP after promising special status. He said that the TDP would have won more seats if it was alone in 2014.

The TRS MPs may resign just before the elections or in advance for the sake of Dalits and demand that the reservations should be left to the discretion of states. Opposition MPs numbering more than 100 would resign against Modi sighting various reasons and force Modi to conduct early polls in the country.

Chandrababu's secret pact with Cong-100 MPs to resign?

To this extent, Babu has come to an understanding with the Congress and other political parties. Then Babu would form an alternative front against Modi. Amit Shah the BJP chief depicted them as cats, dogs and Mongooses trying to join against Modi.

Modi and his team know who actually is with them and who is a cat on the wall. That is the reason they started ignoring Babu and scanning KCR the Telangana chief in the recent times.

KCRs idea of the anti-Congress and anti-BJP front may not bear fruits as all others are ganging up with Congress in the lead. Maya bua and Mamatha didi along with Akhilesh are of the opinion that if they regroup along with Congress the BJP is bound to lose many seats in UP, thereby having edge over the BJP and others.

But it is to be noted that the BJP has already started its campaign for the next elections. The BJP under Modi and Shah Jodi have a clear road Map for the next elections and they know how to keep the power with them for the next 5 years.

The so-called fronts are yet to be formed and there is no leadership as strong as Modi which can take all of them together. When it comes to BJP the leaders have started thinking about an alternative to Modi.

The MPs may resign en masse but as long as Modi has numbers it is not easy to dethrone him. Even in next elections, it looks like it is advantage Modi. The BJP will get the numbers but there could be a change in the leadership who can take all others along with him.

The alternative leadership in BJP will emerge but not an alternative to BJP for the next 5 years.






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