Chandrababu’s future depends on Karnataka results Political Top Stories 

Chandrababu’s future depends on Karnataka results

Chief Minister of AP Chandrababu Naidu is waiting for the result of Karnataka result. Karnataka results will lead to so many changes across the country and if Congress wins that will be against the BJP. The ganging up of the opposition against the BJP and the Congress will begin from Karnataka and it will gain momentum in a big way.

If Congress wins, TDP will take advantage of the situation and go for snap polls here in AP. Looking at that KCR the Telangana CM will also think about it. Chandrababu thinks that one must not give more time for YSRC to set the agenda and when BJP loses Karnataka they will be disillusioned it is right time to strike in AP.

Chandrababu's future depends on Karnataka results

If BJP can scrape through then the entire opposition will have to rethink the strategy. As of now, it looks like the Congress is gaining strength in Karnataka and they might sail through with a wafer-thin majority.

But Modi has already planned for a series of meetings in Karnataka and any lapse from Congress side will give strength to the BJP. Modi has turned the tide to his side in the eleventh hour almost in all the elections. He grabbed Gujarat in the lost moment on the wrong utterings of the Congress leaders against him.

If Babu can go for a snap poll it helps him now.If it is regular timing then he might lose some more seats and YSRC will gain in AP. As far as Telangana is concerned KCR is riding on the welfare wave comfortably. He can win hands down anytime.



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