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Chandrababu seeks peoples protection-threat to life

Chandrababu Naidu is feeling the threat to his life for the first time. Several times he told the people that he was ready to die for them and was not worried about the death. But now a BJP leader has threatened Babu that he would have to face an Alipiri like situation again. It may be recalled that naxals have blasted the car of Naidu with claymore mines on the way to Tirumala.

He escaped from the death when the tail end of the car took all the insecurity of the mine blast.

Taking the threat of the BJP leader from Andhra suggested to the people that if something happens to him, the people must build a wall around him and protect him.It looks like he is not satisfied with the security of NSG that is covering him all the time.

Chandrababu seeks peoples protection-threat to life

The BJP leader and MLC Somu Veerraju said that if babu does not mend his way he will have to face the worst situations like the Alipiri where he was almost on the deathbed. The mines were blasted by the Naxals to kill babu but he was saved because of the bulletproof car.

The AP home minister questioned if theBJP leaders were trying to eliminate Chandrababu for their political ends. What the BJP leader meant was that God will punish Babu as he did at the Alipiri. But Babu was quick enough to encash on the situation and gain sympathy from the public immediately.

Babu said to the people that the BJP was trying to create all sorts of trouble against him and that he was trying to seek justice from the centre for the sake of the people.

I am not against anyone and no enmity with anyone he clarified.All that he was doing was for the welfare of people he declared.



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