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Chandrababu ready to face insults

TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu today said that he was ready to face any insult for the sake of special status to Andhra Pradesh. This is for the welfare of the people of the state he said. The MLAs along with the CM today attended the Assembly with black badges in protest of the partisan attitude of the central government towards the TDP.

Chandrababu ready to face insults

Chandrababu talking to the media said that he was asking for justice to the people while the BJP was making counterattacks against him. It may be noted that Babu withdrew from the central government and Amit Shah called it as a political opportunism by the TDP leader.

TDP was second biggest party supporting the Government in the form of NDA. Babu has withdrawn his ministers and also moved a no-confidence motion against the Government. He also charged that the BJP was using YSRC and Janasena to make allegations against him. When the name of Lokesh the son of Babu figured in corruption, Babu raised the issue of Jay the of Amit Shah who is also facing corruption charges.

Babu said that he would continue to agitate till they get a special status. Earlier Babu appeared as if he was convinced with the special package, but with YSRC fighting for the status, keeping the election year in mind, Babu is also for the special status. As of now, the TDP and babus image is dented as Pawan said that the TDP would lose power in 2019.

To improve on the sagging image he has moved against the BJP at the centre.



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