Chandrababu neck deep in land and sand scams

Chandrababu Naidu who waxes eloquently is unable to contain corruption in AP and also TDP. He is already in the note for vote scam which got Nation wide attention and was saved by the centre and Governors intervention earlier.

Now came this MLC Deepak Reddys arrest in the land scam. Depak is related to JC Diwakar Reddy who praises Babu and criticises Jagan all the time. Babu is in deep trouble now with scams defaming party day in and day out.

Babu is facing criticism not only from opposition parties but also from TDP’s ally BJP for a few days over the poll promises. Leaving it aside, now Babu is facing internal bickering with their leaders involved in the land and sand scams.

Chandrababu neck deep in land and sand scams

The CBI in the recent time has raided on Nellore TDP MLC Vakati Narayana Reddy for defaulting loans to banks. Naidu immediately suspended him from the party and stated that he won’t tolerate any body if any party leader is involved in crime.

Now MLC Deepak Reddy, nephew of MP Diwakar Reddy, was arrested in a major land scam and forgery case. But Naidu until now is silent on this incident. JC brothers are powerful, senior leaders in Rayalaseema, particularly in Ananthpur district, is this main reason for the silence of Naidu? Is he calculating vote bank repercussions if any action is taken on Deepak?

People are questioning the dual standards of Naidu in Vakati and Deepak’s case.Babus son Lokesh is involved in land scam thousands of crores that is what opposition says. But Babu is keeping quite. He is acting busy with the Navanirmana Deeksha.



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