Chandrababu dissolves Assembly! Political Top Stories 

Chandrababu dissolves Assembly!

AP CM Chandrababu has dissolved the Assembly and wants to go fresh elections. With corruption charges being made against him and his son, Chandrababu thought it right to go for a fresh mandate it is reported.

Chandrababu who is going to Delhi to mobilise all other political parties against BJP in Delhi for the no-confidence motion has shot off a letter to Governor Narasimhan this morning it is learnt. The Governor will take time to take a decision over the issue.

Chandrababu dissolves Assembly!

The idea is to take the opposition by surprise and see that anti-incumbency is reduced in the state. As of now, Jagan Mohan Reddy the YSRC Chief, Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena chief are going with full throttles and if the TDP has to survive in the near future, the better way is to step down and go for the early polls.

Chandrababu dissolves Assembly!

This is a clever move from Naidu and this will have a huge impact in Delhi when he talks with the Congress on the no-confidence against Modi and the NDA Government.

The decision to dissolve the Assembly and to go for fresh polls has been taken this morning as it is April first and this for fun please don’t take it seriously. Babu will not step down so easily and even when he has the right reason to do so.



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