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Chandrababu in Delhi for safety

In the name of Special status to Andhra Pradesh and mobilising support for the No confidence motion, Chandrababu landed in Delhi. But people watching him closely say that he is meeting people for his own safety and his son’s safety.

What happens to him and his son on the corruption charges is the major issue that he wants to deal with.

It is learnt that Chandrababu slipped from his accommodation late in the night and came back after two hours. Yes, he, in fact, met an advocate who would protect when the BJP launches an enquiry against the CM and his family in AP.

Earlier also he saved himself from various cases of corruption with the help of advocates. He attended for an enquiry with a judge. Later the issue did not come up. Now it is time that he would have to face corruption cases.

Chandrababu in Delhi for safety

That is the reason he was forced to take the name Jai the son of Amit Shah who is also alleged to have done some corruption. Amit Shah adequately clarified on this but the allegations remain.

Now it has to be seen how Chandrababu would come out of this rut and what would be his future.

It is reported that the PM Modi did not bother even to look at Chandrababu and no other prominent people talked to him. Jai Ram Ramesh shot back saying that it was Babu who agreed for the division of the Telugu states. Now Babu is on his personal agenda of shielding himself and his son for the future in terms of corruption allegations.



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