Chandrababu a political broker

Writer and YSRC sympathiser Posani Krishnamurali today lashed out at AP CM Chandrababu saying that Babu said that he would trounce NTR. But later he joined TDP and backstabbed NTR he said. Babu is a political broker he opined. Voting to YSRC is voting to BJP Babu said. Posani questioned has babu not supported BJP. BJP and TDP came to power Posani reminded. YS Jagan is a straightforward leader he said.


He alleged that babu was making all gimmicks to come back to power, but people will not believe him he said. He said that voting for Babu is voting for Karmas and Kamma state he said. Jagan would give a free and fair governance he opined. He lashed out at the TDP rule saying that it is for caste and corruption he stated.

There are reports that Posani would contest on YSRC ticket in the next elections. He also lashed out at Lokesh saying that like the father he is also a corrupt man. The people are seeing through the evil designs of both Babu and Lokesh he said. All the power was grabbed by Babu from NTR Posani pointed out.



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