Chalapathi Rao in a mess-on ladies and beds

Chalapathi Rao veteran actor is in the dock! After comedian Ali’s derogatory comments on women earlier, it is now the turn of senior actor Chalapathi Rao.Balakrishna also made some remarks earlier and then apologized to the ladies .

The actor, at the pre-release function of ‘Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam,’ passed a vulgar comment on women.

Apparently, there is a dialogue in the film ‘Ammayilu manasanthiki hanikaram’ (girls are injurious to mental peace).

When the anchor asked Chalapathi Rao to comment on the dialogue, he replied, “Ammayilu hanikaram kadu kani pakkaloki panikostaru (girls are not harmful, but they are useful on bed).”

This lewd comment didn’t go down well with the attendees, leaving them hanging their heads in shame.

Chalapathi Rao in a mess-on ladies and beds

Comparing Chalapathi to dinosaurs, superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna slammed him for his derogatory comment on social media.

An irate Nagarjuna took to Twitter, saying, “I always respect women personally and in my films/I definitely do not agree wt Chalapati rao’s derogatory comments/dinosaurs do not exist!!” (sic)

Chalapathi Rao is a veteran and a close friend of senior NTR. But no one thought that Chalapathi Rao would make such comments like girls will be useful in beds. He should have thought twice before making such cheap comments.



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