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Chai-Coffee for your heart

People say drinking coffee and Tea in excess is bad. But moderate of drinking coffee – tea is good say experts. Three cups of Tea and Coffee on daily basis is good for heart some medical experts have stated.

This prevents irregular heartbeat and also the risk of stroke the experts said.

A cup of coffee has Caffeine that prevents the artery from getting blocked it is reported. Caffeine intake is good for the heart and veins. Some other reports say that Coffee is good against diabetes.

Chai-Coffee for your heart

The bitterness in the Coffee reduces sugar that is what experts revealed.

These days herbal tea in the name of improving health is also in the market and they are helping the people to some extent. Tea is coming with ginger, ajwain and it is good for health.

Even plain tea and coffee is also good for health. So be happy have some coffee and tea on a daily basis which will be good for health.



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