CBI officer JD Laxminarayana resigns -may join politics Political Top Stories 

CBI officer JD Laxminarayana resigns -may join politics

CBI officer JD Laxmi Narayana has resigned it is reported. He has submitted his resignation to the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra. He is working as additional DGP in the department.
There are rumours that he might join politics in Andhra Pradesh.
The reasons for his report are not known. Earlier a theft was reported at his house in Banjarahills.
 He is popular as he has been guiding the youth about the future studies behaviour and other aspects.
He is popular as he was one to arrest Jagan the YSRC Chief and foist cases against him illegal wealth and also ED cases. He was in Hyderabad when he was given the case of Jagan’s illegal wealth.
JD has been transferred later but Jagan is going around the court every Friday.
Some properties of Jagan were later attached by the ED also. This became a sensation in the country and Jagan was in Jail for about a year or so.
These days JD was busy grooming youth and now he has resigned to his post as he was transferred to an unimportant department it is learnt. Either he would spend time in teaching or he might join the politics. Will he contest or not only he will be able to answer in due course of time.



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