Modi throws security to wind Political Top Stories 

Modi throws security to wind

PM Modi was riding the single-engine seaplane - the security rule-book says the Prime Minister can only fly in twin or multi-engine aircraft - he took off from near the Sardar Bridge connecting Ahmedabad's old city with the newer parts in the west. Photos showed PM Modi buckled in a... Read More
Virushkas will shift to Mumbai Cinema Gossips Sports Top Stories 

Virushkas will shift to Mumbai

Virushkas will be shifting to their new residence in Worli in December. We're extremely grateful to media for their support and understanding in making this special occasion a memorable one and thank them for their continued love and support." Today we have promised each other to be bound in love... Read More
Feroze Ghandy to Rahul Gandhi Political Specials Top Stories 

Feroze Ghandy to Rahul Gandhi

Will the Hindu card work for Rahul the President of the Congress or will lose the minority vote is the big question now. His grandfather was not a Muslim but a Parsi say some experts who delved into the matter. Being inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Feroze the husband of Indira... Read More
Twitter explodes for Rajini Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Twitter explodes for Rajini

Superstar Thalaiva Rajinikanth is the trending name on Twitter today, as the most-loved actor in the country is enjoying his 67nth birthday. More than a couple of hashtags on Thalaivar have taken the centre stage on the micro-blogging site. Not just his fans, top celebrities across the nation, including his... Read More
Zabardasth result for Congress says Rahul Political Top Stories 

Zabardasth result for Congress says Rahul

If PM Modi wants to fly in a seaplane that is not wrong, but it is a distraction. The real question is what has been done for the people of Gujarat in the last 22 years, says Rahul Gandhi. The result will be Jabardasth for the Congress Rahul opined. He... Read More
No marriage with jeans girls? Political Top Stories 

No marriage with jeans girls?

Jeans is a big issue these days. Jeans is used as it is comfortable and can be used in a rough manner. Union Minister of State Satyapal Singh declared no boy will be willing to marry a girl who arrives at the mandap in jeans. 'In the same way, No... Read More
Venky with Manis Aditi Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Venky with Manis Aditi

Victory Venky is a person who always wants variety and wants to entertain the public in a different manner. Daggubati Suresh Babu his brother wants to complete Venky’s film on a shoestring budget. Even his father Ramanaidu was like that. They never took the risk. So, they want a heroine... Read More