Confusion and Chaos with SBI Business Specials Top Stories 

Confusion and Chaos with SBI

SBI is distancing itself from the common man. In the name of the software, they are doing whatever they want. The so-called software is looting money even from the FDs principle amount in the name of last years TDS interest so on and so forth. The SBH and SBI accounts... Read More
Early polls in December 2018 Political Specials Top Stories 

Early polls in December 2018

With both the President Kovind and Prime Minister Modi repeating the desire to hold simultaneous polls, it is clear that this is what the government really wants. The BJP wants, elections in 11 of the biggest 17 states without resorting to any constitutional amendment. All the BJP needs to do... Read More
Pawans TS trip sponsored by AP? Political Specials Top Stories 

Pawans TS trip sponsored by AP?

People are puzzled at the way Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena Leader is campaigning in Telangana. No one could understand as to why Pawan was campaigning for the TRS and giving a smart certificate to the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. There is no doubt that KCR is doing a... Read More
What is Pawan doing? Cinema Political Specials Top Stories 

What is Pawan doing?

Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena leader is in confusion it looks like. On one hand, he is going to start his election campaign from Kondagattu Anjaneyaswami Temple. On the other hand, he has visited a Church in Hyderabad along with his Australian wife. At the same time, he is trying... Read More
This Sankranthi is a flop Cinema Specials Top Stories 

This Sankranthi is a flop

When compared to last Sankranthi this year it is a big flop. Yes, we are talking about the movies released. Last year it was Chiru and Balaiah along with Sherwanand who ruled the box office. All the 3 films Gautami Putra, Khaidi 150 and Sathmanbhavathi were hit and did good... Read More
Pawan peddles TDP Political Specials Top Stories 

Pawan peddles TDP

Pawan Kalyan indirectly has given publicity to the cycle symbol of TDP it is reported. Agnathavasi is an indirect political film for Pawan first and next to the TDP. The movie is almost like a launch into the political arena for Pawan Kalyan. There are dialogues if Pawan would continue... Read More
Modi-KCR remain unchallenged.. Political Specials Top Stories 

Modi-KCR remain unchallenged..

Modi at centre and KCR in the state remain the ultimate authority. They continue and remain unchallenged. Modi’s purity of purpose remains unquestioned, and he is still the most popular and credible leader in national politics. There is no alternative to TRS and KCR here in Telangana. KCR said no... Read More