Online systems are good but…. Political Specials Top Stories 

Online systems are good but….

CM K Chandrasekhar Rao the progressive thinking man has taken a good decision to make the registrations with Dharani the online system, but one has to make it perfect. The municipal permissions are already online. But the common man is unable to open the so-called online system for uploading the... Read More
Save water- manage water – generate water Political Specials Top Stories 

Save water- manage water – generate water

Some people predicted that there could be wars for water across the world. Looks like it is going to be true in the next decades to come. A warning and alert have been sounded to India and other countries that their taps would go dry this summer. Some South African... Read More
BJPs dining with Dalits Political Specials Top Stories 

BJPs dining with Dalits

Dalits can become the deciding factor for BJP in Karnataka. Both Modi and Shah are trying to reduce the tensions in Dalit community, but the results are poor. Bharat Bandh was a clear indication that the Dalits are going against the BJP. The Mayawati and Akhilesh combination is proving to... Read More
Its like election time in Telangana Political Specials Top Stories 

Its like election time in Telangana

The TRS leaders are going around the length and breadth of Telangana announcing new welfare measures and launching the completed works. K Taraka Rama Rao the IT minister and son of K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM is giving an account of the promise versus performance to the people day in... Read More
Chandrababu’s secret pact with Cong-100 MPs to resign? Political Specials Top Stories 

Chandrababu’s secret pact with Cong-100 MPs to resign?

There are reports reaching the PMO that AP CM Chandrababu has agreed to align with the Congress to trounce Modi and NDA. Babu wants to prove that anyone in the country cannot take him so easily. He wants to be a kingmaker again like earlier times. He wants to force... Read More
KCR graph up, Chandrababu down Political Specials Top Stories 

KCR graph up, Chandrababu down

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao image and graph at the National level is growing while the image of Chandrababu the image of AP CM is coming down. The reason being that Babu is playing opportunistic politics, while KCR is doing everything in open. KCR said that he was working for... Read More
No-Trust against Modi Political Specials Top Stories 

No-Trust against Modi

The notice given by the TDP and YSRC against the Modi Government will come today in the parliament. Both the parties do not have enough numbers but, the left and Congress have decided to go against the NDA Government. Both the TDP and YSRC put together have 23 members and... Read More
If Maya Behanji- Mamatha Didi come together! Political Specials Top Stories 

If Maya Behanji- Mamatha Didi come together!

Bhenaji Mayavaahi has proved that to trounce BJP she is ready to join even her enemy. The task is to take on BJP. On the other hand, didi Mamatha is also getting phone calls from every nook and corner to stitch an anti-BJP forum for the 2019 elections. The latest... Read More
KCR makes a right move Political Specials Top Stories 

KCR makes a right move

Whenever KCR takes a decision it proved to be right. There are times where his core team leaders did not agree with some of the decisions taken by the chief, but always stood by his decisions and he finally proved to be correct and right. Now he is trying to... Read More