Feroze Ghandy to Rahul Gandhi Political Specials Top Stories 

Feroze Ghandy to Rahul Gandhi

Will the Hindu card work for Rahul the President of the Congress or will lose the minority vote is the big question now. His grandfather was not a Muslim but a Parsi say some experts who delved into the matter. Being inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Feroze the husband of Indira... Read More
Rahuls election or selection Political Specials Top Stories 

Rahuls election or selection

The stage is set for Rahul Gandhi to take charge of the Congress party. Today Rahul will file the nomination and is the last day. The Congress Working Committee (CWC) will announce the election of its next president soon. While Sonia Gandhi has led the party for 19 years, there... Read More
The Chai splashed over Rahul Political Specials Top Stories 

The Chai splashed over Rahul

PM Modi has single-handedly turned the tables on Congress party and Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat. Rather the Congress has made a self-goal by ridiculing Modi on the Chai selling aspect. The comment that he sold Tea and not the Nation like Congress is being liked by all sections of society.... Read More
Severe Son stroke for Babu Political Specials Top Stories 

Severe Son stroke for Babu

Lokesh son of AP CM Babu made a mess of Nandi Awards. Calling Telugu film personalities as “non-resident Andhras,” and questioning whether those criticising awards had Aadhar cards and Voter ID cards was completely uncalled for. Like Rahul the VP of Congress Lokesh the son of CM also proved himself... Read More
Tollywood to stay in Hyderabad Business Cinema Specials Top Stories 

Tollywood to stay in Hyderabad

The Nandi awards controversy has widened the gap between the Tollywood in Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh government. The industry bigwigs like Allus -Akkinenis and victories are feeling better in Hyderabad and they may not think about Visak or AP for the time being. The Telangana government is giving them... Read More