Charans Rangasthalam movie Review Cinema Reviews Top Stories 

Charans Rangasthalam movie Review

Giving water to the drought-hit families is the story of Rangasthalam movie in the village backdrop. Charan as Chittibabu who is deaf fights against the landlords in the village for the sake of people and becomes a hero. It is a regular Drama but Sukumar has made it worthy of... Read More
Touch Chesi Choodu -movie review Cinema Reviews Top Stories 

Touch Chesi Choodu -movie review

Touch Chesi Choodu is a story of a Police who is so honest in his work and whose priority is his job more than his family or fiance. He is so reckless and goes with his instincts to solve crimes. This attitude of him brings problems in his personal life... Read More
Bhagamathie film review  Cinema Reviews Top Stories 

Bhagamathie film review 

Anushka is a major highlight of the film Bhagamathie. Her screen presence and performance brings a lot of depth to the proceedings. She has shown tremendous variations in both her roles but she is exceptional as Bhaagamathie. Especially, Anushka gives a riveting performance during the interval block with her fierce... Read More
Jai Simha movie review Cinema Reviews Top Stories 

Jai Simha movie review

Jai Simha the latest movie of Balaiah babu deals with a tried-and-tested revenge saga, which is predictable in parts. It deals with a mature love story and it appeals to all sections of the audience. Some mass dialogues, comedy and emotional sequences keep the film goers engaged and entertained throughout... Read More
Agnyaaathavaasi movie review.. Cinema Reviews Top Stories 

Agnyaaathavaasi movie review..

The initial reports of PK and Trivikram are good. Film Agnathavasi is above average and the fans are loving his acting skills while the audience are  ok with the movie it is reported. Like any other movie, this film is also based on the ability of hero and Pawan Kalyan... Read More
2 countries movie review Cinema Reviews Top Stories 

2 countries movie review

Ullas Kumar (Sunil) is a guy who lives on the money of others in his own place. He borrows money and hide from them when they come to collect. Laya (Manisha Raj) is a childhood friend of him. She lives in US and she returns to India. Both get introduced... Read More
Hello movie review Cinema Reviews Top Stories 

Hello movie review

Hello revolves around Akhil Akkineni (Avinash), who is in search of his first love he met during his childhood. Akhil Akkineni has done his level best at the box office with his second release Hello. The film is produced by his father Nagarjuna Akkineni. Akhil was confident that this project... Read More