Guns for teachers says Trump NRI Top Stories 

Guns for teachers says Trump

US President Donald Trump said arming teachers could help prevent massacres like last weeks mass shooting at a Florida high school, voicing support for an idea backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) gun rights group. Trump made the comment during an emotional hour-long White House meeting with students who... Read More
US approves driver less cars NRI Top Stories 

US approves driver less cars

The first U.S. commercial ride-hailing service without human drivers has been approved. Waymo, a unit of Alphabet Inc., got a permit in late January from the Arizona Department of Transportation to operate as a Transportation Network Company, according to Ryan Harding, a spokesman at the state agency. The designation lets... Read More
Soros blames Google & FB Business NRI Top Stories 

Soros blames Google & FB

George Soros believes that internet giants such as Facebook and Google have become a 'public menace' and only the EU has the power to stop them. He says that by influencing the way their users think without them realising it, the companies have made people easy to manipulate, and this... Read More
South Africas Prez resigns NRI Political Top Stories 

South Africas Prez resigns

Jacob Zuma has resigned from the post of South Africa's President after defying a 48-hour deadline given by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to leave the office. Zuma, who had to face a no-confidence vote in Parliament on Thursday, said, "I fear no motion of no confidence...No life should... Read More