Trump drops down in Forbes list Business NRI Top Stories 

Trump drops down in Forbes list

US President Trump whose business empire has continued to operate alongside heading the Oval office, has dropped down 92 places in a prestigious ranking of America’s wealthiest people. The Forbes annual list ranking of 400 richest Americans, said Donald Trump’s position has tumbled 92 places to 248th. Last year, he... Read More
Trump celebrates Diwali NRI Political Top Stories 

Trump celebrates Diwali

Donald Trump celebrated Diwali on Wednesday in the Oval Office of the White House along with senior Indian-American members of the administration, including Nikki Haley, Seema Verma and community leaders. While expressing his appreciation for Indians, the US President said he values his 'very strong' relationship with Prime Minister Narendra... Read More
Ivanka Trump to stay at Westin NRI Political Top Stories 

Ivanka Trump to stay at Westin

Taj Krishna and Park Hayat hotels are things of the past. They were not selected by the US people for Ivanka. They worked out on the logistics and zeroed in on another hotel close to the venue of the proposed seminar. Ivanka Trump will be staying at the Westin Hotel... Read More
Larry wants Trump impeached NRI Political Top Stories 

Larry wants Trump impeached

Pornography publisher Larry Flynt is offering “up to $10 million” to anyone who produces information that leads to President Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office. He lays out the offer in a full-page ad in The Washington Post. During last year’s presidential campaign, Flynt dangled $1 million to anyone... Read More
Iceland’s president broke his nose NRI Political Top Stories 

Iceland’s president broke his nose

Iceland’s president, Guðni Jóhannesson, has said he feels fine after he hit his forehead and broke his nose when he fainted and fell while taking a hot bath. “A warm and cosy bath last night turned out to be too hot and cosy,” the 49-year-old academic said in a Facebook... Read More
Fabrics with Allah-Ali NRI Top Stories 

Fabrics with Allah-Ali

Archaeologists studying clothing worn by ancient Vikings have found evidence of a link between the Nordic tribes and Islam. Researchers from Sweden’s Uppsala University examined garments uncovered at 9th and 10th-century burial sites. They found that what they thought were typical Viking Age patterns in silver bands and embroidered clothing,... Read More
Fb has no journalists Business NRI Top Stories 

Fb has no journalists

As people debate Facebook`s role in influencing people during the US presidential elections by Russian ads and fake news on the platform, the company`s COO Sheryl Sandberg has stressed that the social media giant is not a media organisation, and therefore does not hire journalists. Sandberg said that Facebook is... Read More
5 TS students selected by NASA Business NRI Political Top Stories 

5 TS students selected by NASA

Five students from a private engineering college in Telangana have been selected for the prestigious NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge. The five-member team of students from the SR Engineering College in Warangal will now take part in the 5th annual NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge to be held in April... Read More