T bags are worst than toilet seats Business Health Top Stories 

T bags are worst than toilet seats

Do you think the toilets at your workplace are dirty? Think again. The teabags at your office are way dirtier and germ-infested. Scientists have discovered that office teabags can carry as many as 17 times more germs than a toilet seat. The average bacterial reading of an office teabag was... Read More
Is Mr Trump alright? Health Political Top Stories 

Is Mr Trump alright?

The White House described questions about President Donald Trump's slurred speech as "ridiculous" today, but committed to releasing the results of a physical examination early in the new year. Trump appeared to struggle with some words during a live statement at the White House yesterday, mangling familiar phrases like "god... Read More
For your lips only Health Top Stories 

For your lips only

Tomato paste is a great way to get treat dried, dark and chapped lips, as it contains vitamin c and is a powerful antioxidant that fights damaging skin cells and also helps in rejuvenation of the lips. You just have to apply the tomato paste on your lips and then... Read More
Timing of food is important Health Top Stories 

Timing of food is important

Skipping breakfast can disrupt the body's internal clock and cause weight gain, even if one does not overeat for the rest of the day, a study has found. Irregular eating habits such as skipping breakfast are often associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, but the precise... Read More
The Palang Tod paan.. Business Health Top Stories 

The Palang Tod paan..

Tara paan shop in Aurangabad is popular for a good reason. Though there are 51 types of paan on the menu of the shop, one of them costs Rs 5,000. This is special for newlyweds. Called as Kohinoor paan it is the desi version for Viagara. This paan, known as... Read More