The low carb foods…. Health Top Stories 

The low carb foods….

People think about losing the weight, but they dont concentrate on what they should have for their diet. Here are some items with low carbohydrates and all can have them on regular basis. 1. Watermelon is one fruit which you can have regularly. Even people with diabetes can take it.... Read More
The Natural painkillers Health Top Stories 

The Natural painkillers

1. There are several painkillers in the name of Crocin, disprin but at the same time, there are natural painkillers right in your Kitchen. peppermint, Ginger and cloves are the painkillers that can be used right from the kitchen. 2. Caffeine in Coffee reduces the pain and it stops the... Read More
Have a coffee for teamwork Health Top Stories 

Have a coffee for teamwork

A latest research has proven that a coffee before the meeting will make your team effort more productive. Caffeine in the coffee keeps you alert they have noted. At the same time, it improves teamwork among the people. So please offer coffee to all your colleagues before you start a... Read More
Have Kaala Jamuns Health Top Stories 

Have Kaala Jamuns

Its just entry of the rainy season after the hot scorching summer and it is Jamun time along with the mango season.The fruit has a lot of anti-bacterial properties and helps in proper digestion leading to blood sugar control. It is good against diabetes. The seeds of Jamun fruit are... Read More