Mangoes are very healthy Health Top Stories 

Mangoes are very healthy

This is summer so its mango time. Mangoes are seasonal fruits and they have all the medicinal qualities. It's not just sugary and tasty but also has nutrients. People think eating mangoes will gain weight. But in reality, they are fat-free, cholesterol free and are super for summer. If one... Read More
What to eat against Pimples Health Top Stories 

What to eat against Pimples

Spinach or palak is very good against Acne as it is rich in Vitamin A, It acts as an anti-acne agent. It helps in cleaning bacteria and toxins from the digestive system and also the bloodstream. Turmeric the yellow powder is useful in many ways. Turmeric helps in fighting inflammation... Read More
Keep smiling- stay cool Health Top Stories 

Keep smiling- stay cool

The expression on the face is always important but some people say without any expression makes their life safe. People are of the opinion staying without any expression makes them look cool and that they won't have any problems. But the research proved beyond doubt that it is not correct.... Read More
Eat with your fingertips Health Top Stories 

Eat with your fingertips

There are doubts to some people if they have to eat with the hands or with spoons and fork. Which is the right way or which one is beneficial for the health? Eating with a spoon or fork is like mechanical eating and you may end up eating more. Eating... Read More
Eating Almonds the right way Health Top Stories 

Eating Almonds the right way

People of all ages can take Almonds. Eating Almonds according to the season is an art. This summer and you must not eat them raw. They must be soaked overnight and rinsed in water. They must be a part of your diet on daily basis. One can take about 4... Read More
Summer precautions for your Pets Health Top Stories 

Summer precautions for your Pets

The hot days of the season are here and pet owners should make themselves aware of some of the dangers that the summer can bring for their animals. Humane Society International-India offers some simple tips that can make your pets living easier in the summertime. Ensure that your pet has... Read More
Ramdev with Kavitha and Harish Business Health Political Top Stories 

Ramdev with Kavitha and Harish

Baba Ramdev the Yoga Guru and also the owner Patanjali products said that India will be the superpower in the near future. He was addressing today at Nizamabad. He said that Patanjali was doing a business of around 12000 crores annually giving direct and indirect employment in a big way... Read More
The fruits for this summer Health Top Stories 

The fruits for this summer

Mango pickle and Mango fruits are famous from India. It is branded as the king of fruits. People of all ages can enjoy it this summer. There are many varieties, some for pickles, some for juices and some for jellies and they are consumed in many forms. Mango dal is... Read More
What to take in summer Health Top Stories 

What to take in summer

Amla or usiri in Telugu is one of the healthiest and popular fruit with a lot of nutritional benefits. It is stated that this works as a coolant in summer and also it works against diabetes and sugar in the body apart from providing good digestion. Ghee is the best... Read More