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About Condoms

The oldest recorded use of condoms dates back to a cave painting in Grotte des Combarrelles in France. Researchers say these paintings could be 12,000 to 15,000 years old. Before the 15th century, Chinese men used to cover their glans with oiled silk paper. Japanese men used tortoise-shell ‘caps. Gabriele... Read More
Benefits of potato juice.. Health Top Stories 

Benefits of potato juice..

-"Drinking the juice is a quick way to benefit from itsanti-inflamatory properties. -Topical application of potato juice can help combat and treat a range of skin related issues such as skin darkening, scars, spots, blemishes, hard skin. - It can also be used to soften nail cuticles. - Potato juice... Read More
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The tea bag story

Thomas Sullivan. In 1908, sent samples of tea to his customers in small silk bags. A few of his customers thought that these bags were to be dipped in water to brew tea and so they did not empty out the contents. Sullivan did not realize this till the time... Read More
4 cups of coffee-8 cups of tea is Ok Health Top Stories 

4 cups of coffee-8 cups of tea is Ok

There’s some good news for caffeine lovers. A study has revealed that four cups of coffee or eight cups of tea, which is equivalent to 400mg of caffeine, has no lasting damage on the body. The study also shows that caffeine boosts both mental and physical performance. According to researchers... Read More
Eat Almonds regularly Health Top Stories 

Eat Almonds regularly

Regular intake of a handful of almonds increased levels of mature HDL or “good cholesterol” particles, which are associated with cardiovascular health, by 19%. According to a recent study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, almonds may not only increase blood levels of HDL ,good cholesterol, but also boost the... Read More