Mahesh with Vamsi-Vanga-Sukumar-Trivikram Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Mahesh with Vamsi-Vanga-Sukumar-Trivikram

Mahesh Babu will be doing a film with Sandeep Reddy Vanga of Arjun Reddy fame. He has confirmed this while he was promoting Bharat Ane Nenu on a TV Channel. Mahesh will be playing the role of Mechanic in this movie and not his regular hero format. It will be... Read More
Where is Chiru- Charan and Suresh Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Where is Chiru- Charan and Suresh

Many ladies who are doing characters and as extra artists have alleged that one man Vaakada Appparao was using them and molesting them on the bed for giving roles and remuneration. They demanded that Chiranjeevi and Charan must drop Vaakada as he was abusing women and young girls. He was... Read More
Teja says offer to Srireddy is valid Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Teja says offer to Srireddy is valid

Srireddy is in the limelight with NHRC calling for state and centre to explain on the ongoing ruckus in Telangana. Now that MAA has permitted Srireddy to work with any of its members, now director Teja who is close to the Suresh Productions family members has offered two movies to... Read More
Kona Venkat wants legal action against Srireddy Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Kona Venkat wants legal action against Srireddy

Kona Venkat the ace writer who also produced some films in Tollywood said that the allegations made by Srireddy are baseless and that Sri is stooping low for some cheap publicity. He brushed aside the allegations made by her and said that the police must inquire into these allegations and... Read More
Srireddy names Koratala Siva Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Srireddy names Koratala Siva

Srireddy who has been revealing the other side of movie people now named the popular director Koratala Siva of Janatha Garage who is now busy with Bharat ane Nenu of Mahesh Babu. She also named Mahesh and we do not know if it means Mahesh Babu or any other Mahes... Read More
Mahesh-Kajal Jr NTR with Balaiah Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Mahesh-Kajal Jr NTR with Balaiah

Things are falling in line with the NTR biopic movie being co-produced by hero Balakrishna the son of NTR. Now it is heard that superstar Mahesh and Kajal will also be acting in this movie. They have readily agreed to the request of Balaiah Babu who is close to all... Read More
Srireddy names Suresh productions-leaks photo Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Srireddy names Suresh productions-leaks photo

It looks like Srireddy will create a Tsunami in the Tollywood by exposing big people. She has leaked the photo of Producer Sureshs son, Abhiram who is the grandson of Ramanaidu. His name is Abhiram and they have taken a photo together kissing lip to lip. Now no one can blame... Read More
Samantha wants a baby Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Samantha wants a baby

Samantha who is riding with the success of Rangasthlam wants to become a mother. The Ramalaxmi from Rangasthlam wants to enjoy the motherhood now. It is learnt from the close family circles that she and her husband Chaitanya Akkineni have decided as to when they would like to have a... Read More
Moksh not in NTR with Balakrishna Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Moksh not in NTR with Balakrishna

Dont get confused it is reported that Balakrishna is not taking his son Mokshagna for the upcoming cinema on the legend NTR. Yes we are talking about the NTR biopic. Some of the family members who are already actors have been selected for the movie by Balakrishna and also Teja... Read More