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Casting couch in Parliament says Renuka

Renuka Chowdhary the outspoken and loud mouth politician from the Congress party who retired recently from the Rajya Sabha said that casting couch existing even in the parliament also.

Casting couch in Parliament says Renuka
She was responding to the Metoo campaign and on teh comments made by Saroj khan the dance director from Bollywood. Saroj said that the industry is not raping you and leaving you, they are paying for the commitment you are getting the daily roti why blame the industry alone she questioned? there are other sectors also where there is this commitment issue she said.

 Casting couch in Parliament says Renuka On the other hand, Renuka created a ruckus and Hungama on the web she said that the parliament is not an exception for the casting couch. She when rapes take place, the police are questioning like the Gabbar Singh of Sholay “kitne aadmi the”. Meaning how man people raped the victim.

Women are afraid, the girls go out and they are getting raped Renuka stated. It is not just film industry it happens everywhere. Even parliament is not immune. Me Too stated Renuka Chowdhary. She opined that the casting couch is the grim reality. When it comes to parliament, Renuka laughed loudly heckling PM Modi’s speech in the parliament and Modi chided her back saying he was reminded of a character from Ramayana to which she took serious objection.



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