How can Rahul declare himself as PM? Political Top Stories 

How can Rahul declare himself as PM?

Many big people and political parties are trying to forge an alliance and replace me stated PM, Narendra Modi .He was addressing a rally in Karnataka. Modi said that all of a sudden without consulting or telling anyone, an inexperienced man says he is ready to become the PM of the country and want to replace me. This is nothing but the height of his arrogance Modi opined. Seniors experienced political stalwarts are there waiting to become the PM, but Rahul the inexperienced leader wants to become the PM. How far is this correct the PM questioned?

Chiding at Rahul said this man has no experience and neither performance nor hard work, he comes under Namdaar category Modi ridiculed. There people waiting for 40 years and this man suddenly announces himself or PMs post and his arrogance is touching the skies Modi opined.

The people will not accept such an immature naamdar with dynasty politics behind him for the post of Prime Minister Modi said.

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Another BJP leader Sambit Patra said that the parties ganging up for the next polls to trounce Modi will not accept Rahul as the PM candidate he opined. Rahul did not consult did nor Bhayya, how can he project himself like that he questioned?

At the same time, KCR is trying to gather non-Congress and non BJP leaders for a Federal front which means the choice of Rahul is not acceptable to KCR and the future federal front.



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