Can Modi take on the united opposition?

It may not be easy for the Modi-Shah Jodi to take on the united opposition in 2019 in case they united. While Mamatha and Maya want Congress in the fold of alternative front, KCR and Babu do not want Congress in the fold. They want a front minus the Congress and BJP. After Karnataka now most of them want Congress with the front and now it for KCR to make a loud thinking over this.

But the main theme is to trounce the BJP in 2019 and Rahul has already said that he is ready to become the PM of the country. He could be the candidate for the opposition. But KCR and other are proposing Mamatha to be the PM candidate. But these ideas will work out only if the Karnataka formula continues.

Can Modi take on the united opposition?

People call this an unholy alliance as the team JDS with few MLAs is getting the post of the Chief Minister. This is nothing but opportunism and the Congress desire to keep BJP out of power. That is why people say that this alliance may not continue for long.

The next two-three elections will clear the dust and give an indication as to what people are thinking. In Karnataka, there was a mixed reaction with an edge for the BJP. But the Congress gave the JDS an opportunity to stop the BJP. In case all other parties compromise then it could be tough for the BJP and Modi in the coming days and also in 2019.



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