Buying gold for Akshaya Tritiya? Just a belief

Buying gold for Akshaya Tritiya is just a belief. If you want to invest and if you have enough and excess money, then go for it. Or else it is just a belief that you wealth multiplies so on and so forth. Worshipping the lord Vishnu and Laxmi on that day is the main ritual that one has to follow.

Feeding the poor and helping the poor is the main thing one has to do to get the blessings of God and humankind. Visit a Temple on that day, give something to the poor. Feed them and take the blessings.

You can also feed a dog, a cow or birds and get the happiness. Giving food is the ultimate thing as told in the Vedas. Annadana is the best dana.Give clothes to the needy. That is also one best form of dana. There is also news and information that for Akshaya Trithiya the gold shops dont sell the pure gold. They just give 18 carat and other carat gold in the name of 22 carat.

Buying gold for Akshaya Tritiya? Just a belief

Most of the time in the name of no making charges they don’t give BIS marking. Don’t take the jewellery without seeing the BIS mark.

Giving a helping hand to the need in whatever form is the ultimate way you can seek the blessing of the god and also the people. That will shower a lot of wealth on you in the future.It is like keeping the god happy.



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