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Build 4 more Hyderabads says Gadkari

Union Minister Nithin Gadkari today suggested that KTR the Minister should strive to build 4 more Hyderabad around the existing Hyderabad. He advised that the population in Hyderabad should be reduced and that the population coming in must go to the satellite town around the Hyderabad. He complimented the Telangana government for developing the state. He cited the examples of seaplanes and buses which can travel on road and water also.

With waterways, the transport expense comes down and the exports will go up he suggested. The waterways will change the economy of Telangana and Andhra he said. I am doing the works of around 10 lakh crore Gadkari explained.

Build 4 more Hyderabads says Gadkari

Please give the reports for water ports he suggested. He suggested the use of electric vehicles apart from using ethanol and methanol. Please adopt innovative solutions for transport in Hyderabad he said.

We will do politics of progress and development he said.

Gadkari complimented all the TRS leaders and the BJP leaders for launching the developments works in Uppal costing about Rs 1400 crore with state and central shares. We have improved more than 5000 kilometres of road network here in Telangana he said.

He announced another Rs 750 crore of funds for Telangana. He also agreed for four laning of some more roads. He also allocated funds for development of roads in easing the traffic congestion.

We have to develop infrastructure for the development of the Nation. Water, power transport and communication facilities must be developed he said. Telangana is the richest and powerful state Gadkari said. Irrigation facilities should be improved he suggested.

Kaleshwaram project will irrigate half of the state he opined. We have given all the permissions to the project and the last permission will also be accorded he assured.

Build 4 more Hyderabads says Gadkari

One more dam on Godavari was proposed for Telangana. To stop the water and to get it to Telangana and stop about 3000 TMC water from going into the ocean. This will be useful for Telangana, Andhra and Tamilnadu he explained. More than 8000 TMC water will be tapped and will be given to the states he stated.

We will not allow the water to be wasted he said. Some of the water is still flowing into Pakistan and the same will be tapped and ti will be for Punjab and Rajasthan he said. He complimented the Telangana government for that.

Please build 4 more satellite towns around Hyderabad and reduce the population in Hyderabad Gadkari suggested KTR. use modern technology and reduce the transport issues he suggested. Save the fuel also he suggested. Make ethanol for transport purpose he advised. Please change the crop pattern and go for corn to make ethanol.



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