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Budget doubles for RRR of Rajamouli

Rjamouli the Baahubali director wanted to make a quick flick with a tight budget in the form of a multi-starrer for Telugu market. But people around him are not keeping quiet. They want the ace director to make a film that suits all the markets and if need it should be dubbed and sent abroad. That is the idea.

Now Rjamaouli is working on a big canvas with NTR and Charan in the lead and the training classes are going on for the same. The preparations are in full swing and the shooting might be done for all the languages at the same time in a set and with CGI at one go in a phased manner.

Budget doubles for RRR of Rajamouli

The Team Baahubali is in place with some new action director to suit this commercial. Rajamouli has to show both of them equally otherwise the fans may not spare the director. It was Rana and Prabhas and it is NTR and Charan. Both are going to Gym for the chiselled body it is reported and stamina for the action scenes is needed.

It has to be seen if Keeravani would do the music as he is in sync with Rajamouli all the time. With 4 more languages being added up with along Telugu the work and budget have gone up almost 4 times and the producers are ready to take the risk.

The entire family of Rajamouli is working for the film. Both the stars are favourites for Rajamouli and let’s hope he makes a super duper hit with them. Now it is 200 crore film.Earlier it was under 100 crore.



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