Breaking away from BJP helps me a lot Political Top Stories 

Breaking away from BJP helps me a lot

This BJP government is not bothered about the needs of the local people, they don’t bother about others they have majority said Chandrababu. We are creating friends and groups we have done in the past also explained Chandrababu the CM of AP. Bifurcation is unscientific and the assurances are not fulfilled. My agenda is clear for implementation of the bifurcation act said Chandrababu. He was talking to a TV channel in Delhi.

Nothing to bother about others, BJP is no force in Andhra he clarified. Congress was a force, but after bifurcation, they lost miserably he said. I am fighting for the people, breaking up from BJP will actually help me said Babu.

They are attacking us when we ask for implementation of the promises. The PM just passed by and did not bother to look at me stated Chandrababu.

Even today ai am positive and no animosity with anybody clarified Babu.

Breaking away from BJP helps me a lot

After Jaitley statement there is a roadblock, we want special status, not package clarified the AP CM. Joining BJP was for the interest of the state. No question of competing with a tainted party like YSRC Babu clarified. I thought BJP will give me a helping hand. Tainted MPs are in going to PMO. Why should they encourage he asked.

The failed to help me and why should I consider the option of coming back, asked Babu. So many governments we have brought them stated Babu. I want to put pressure on Government through all the political parties he agreed. You are blaming a Government, is this federalism he questioned the BJP. You are blaming us when we ask for our rights is this the way Babu questioned Amit Shah.

I am in politics for 40 years, I am also intelligent Babu claimed. Coalition governments are productive and they will sustain says Chandrababu. I came here to seek justice and now they are maligning my state. They have an absolute majority so don’t care about others Babu referred to BJP. This attitude is not correct he opined.

Four years I waited, I requested and I am not bothered about power and politics said Babu.



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