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Bread for cleaning ?

A cleaning hack from a bygone era, it seems is once again being lauded as the ultimate cleaning solution.

One of the popular magazine has revealed how a slice of humble bread can be used to erase smudges from walls, soak up spills, and even dust and polish pictures.

What was once considered to be just an old wives’ tale, turns out, really works! And just like vinegar, using a leftover slice of bread to clean up a mess is much cheaper than buying branded products or gadgets!

Bread for cleaning ?

All one needs to do is cut the crusts off a slice of bread and roll it into a compact ball, says the magazine. It is best for erasing any annoying smudges on the walls or kitchen cupboards. One just needs to dab with it na dthe marks should vanish quickly.

It turns out that the bread has something more to offer than just being a sandwich! Slices of bread work well at mopping up any liquid spillages and for cleaning out coffee grinders, or even pick up shards of glass.

You can even use your bread ball to dust with or polish pictures to a high shine

Bread for cleaning ?



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