Brahmins feel insulted by a song in Allus DJ Cinema Top Stories 

Brahmins feel insulted by a song in Allus DJ

Creating controversies and mocking the movies and the songs is common these days. But a song written using vedas in form of romance is drawing the ire of Brahmin community in the Telugu states. They have already raised their objection.

The controversy surrounding the song “Gudilo Badilo” from Duvvada Jagannadham is turning murkier with some Brahmin Associations claiming that the lyrics are quite objectionable. At a time when the song raced past 5-million-views in record time, director Harish Shankar has decided to give clarification over the matter.

The elders from the Brahmin community have objected to the lines like “Agarahaarala Tamalapakalle Taakutondi Tamakam” written by Sahiti for the song.

Brahmins feel insulted by a song in Allus DJ

Talking about this, Harish Shankar introduced himself as a pure and chaste Brahmin before claiming that he didn’t spell or mean any insult for Brahmins.

“Of course, a guy from Agraharam compares his love with the things he sees around him. He will talk about only Tamalapaku from his place but won’t compare love with Maavidaku (Mango Leaf) from Pakistan” quipped Harish Shankar, clarifying his stand upright.

He further added that If a guy says he can’t focus on studies, it doesn’t mean he is insulting Goddess Saraswathi. “A betel leaf from Agraharam is purer because a leaf once used for Abhishekam will not be used again. So, a brahmin guy has to compare his love with a Tamalapaku but not with a piece of chicken” he observed.

“By spending a year on the script and spending 70 crores to make it, definitely my target will not be mocking off any particular community. We are showing a Brahmin as a hero in the film, not Allu Arjun.

I will feel happy if you don’t understand the lyric, but don’t try to interpret in wrong way” he said concluding. Also, Harish Shankar thanked for the 5+ million views.

On the other hand the Telangana Brahmana Parishad headed by Government advisor Ramanachary and his team of members are also looking into the issue it is reported. Some others are planning to go to the court to stall the movie.



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