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Brahmani will focus on icecreams

Heritage chief Nara Brahmani is doing exceptionally well in her business. She has done a business of around Rs 2700 crores as of March it is reported. While her hubby Lokesh is yet to prove that he is a good politician, Brahmani has proved that she a businesswoman par excellence.

On the whole according to Brahmani the company has achieved a growth of about 15 percent when compared to the last year. She says more than the milk and other products, the ice cream business is picking up and she wants to concentrate on the ice creams this summer and achieve good results.

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In the next 4 years time, she wants to achieve a business target of around 250 crores with focus on ice cream sales. They would add more flavours and variety to the ice creams. Heritage is working with Hyderabad as the headquarters while Chandrababu is saying that he would develop Amaravathi.

Babu family wants to develop Amaravathi and Andhra, but they are based and doing business from Hyderabad. They are developing the Heritage milk business and when will they develop Amaravathi in a big way has to be seen.



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