BJPs Sriramulu does cow pooja Political Top Stories 

BJPs Sriramulu does cow pooja

BJPs most high profile candidate Sriramulu is fighting against Siddharamaiah and wants to win the election at any cost. He is very close to Gali brothers and is treated as a powerful candidate with money and muscle power. Ramulu is contesting from Badami and also another constituency. So that he is safe and would win one of the constituencies.

The Congress party tried to see that Ramulu is disqualified on the basis of bribing a judge in the mining case of Gali Janardhan Reddy. But he is safe. Sriramulu is one of the high profile candidates who used a chopper for hopping from one place to the other for the election campaigning.

BJPs Sriramulu does cow pooja

Ramulu has an indoor swimming pool, badminton court and lives a luxurious life. He was close to SushmaSwaraj the Union Minister also but later due to some corruption issues they fell apart. He does a lot of charity and also conducts mass weddings. He is poised to win one of the constituencies and is a key campaigner for the BJP.

The 46-year-old man is doing everything for the victory of BJP and is in the good books of Amit Shah. Both Siddha Ramaiah and also Amit Shah exuded confidence that they will get a full majority. The surveys show it could be a hung and that JDS could become the kingmaker.

The Temples across Karnataka are busy and many of the candidates have done pooja as it is a Saturday today. Yesterday Amitshah was in Tirumala and he was heckled by the TDP workers on Special status to AP.



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