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BJPs dining with Dalits

Dalits can become the deciding factor for BJP in Karnataka. Both Modi and Shah are trying to reduce the tensions in Dalit community, but the results are poor. Bharat Bandh was a clear indication that the Dalits are going against the BJP. The Mayawati and Akhilesh combination is proving to be deadly and it is directly denting into the vote bank of BJP.

In UP the situation is bad, the court commented that there is no law and order in UP. PM Modi announced some schemes in the name of Ambedkar but the damage was already done. If Congress joins Mayawati and Akhilesh, then BJP will be in trouble in UP where it has got a large number of MP seats.

No one predicted that the Congress would be able to turn the tables so fast against Modi.The NDA has not even completed one term in office. There were predictions that Modi will be there for another two terms so on and so forth. But the situation is changing. People within the BJP are going against Modi.

The one day fast by Modi did not make any impact on the public. It’s time that the BJP stops going into the food habits of Muslims and Dalits in the name of Cow and beef. No one has got the right to dictate what others eat. If you are a vegetarian keep it for yourself.

BJPs dining with Dalits

At the same time the NDA Government must stop meddling with the people’s bank accounts and savings in the name of Tax, Aadhar linkage so on and so forth. The ATMs must function and they must have enough cash.

Majority of them don’t go for digital transactions. Discipline is good, but the military rule is bad. If BJP cannot make it in Karnataka , one cay say that it is the rise of Congress in the country and the next election could be anybody’s game.

The Southern leaders, especially the leaders from Telugu states are ready to take on Modi and they want to see the end of NDA even at the cost of aligning with the Congress and giving the lead to the Congress.

Modi must know that Janata likes Khao -Khilao sarkar. People will not tolerate if Lotus becomes Loot -us in the process.






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