BJP wins Karnataka with WhatsApp Political Top Stories 

BJP wins Karnataka with WhatsApp

The BJP under Narendra Modi has effectively used WhatsApp for winning the Karnataka election. WhatsApp’s largest market is in India, where it has more than 200 million users.

Indians sent each other more than 20 billion New Year’s Eve greetings via WhatsApp this year. And WhatsApp is testing a new payments feature to expand its reach.

Even marriage invitations are on WhatsApp.Sometimes it is used for spreading rumours also especially in places like Jammu and Kashmir.

It can be used for both positive and also negative impacts. The BJP election machinery has used it successfully for the victory of the party.

BJP wins Karnataka with WhatsApp

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who marched to victory in 2014 backed by an unprecedented social media operation, has thousands of WhatsApp warriors running grass-roots groups.

A review of their posts shows some contain warnings about Muslims – a tactic to unite the loyal Hindu base.

This proves that the BJP is using the social media and also the Whatsapp in a successful manner to win the elections and Karnataka proved that WhatsApp is working like anything. This shows that Mobile power has a wider reach and the BJP has succeeded using the Mobile mileage in a successful manner.



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